Multi-Room Audio & Video

From Living Room To Multi-Room

Multi-Room Audio

A beautiful sounding hi-fi in every room of your home with elegant wall mounted keypads and sleek remote handsets or Andriod and iOS devices that can give total control of your ‘whole house’ entertainment system. No wires, no ugly black boxes, no hassle. Think hidden technology with discreet in-ceiling speakers.

Multiple input sources such as CD, DVD, radio and audio can be enjoyed and controlled effortlessly in every room of your home. On-line streaming services such as Napster, Spotify, Pandora and Tunein can be integrated into a simple to use interface. The back-lit menus can easily display your complete audio library alphabetically and allow simple selection by either artist, album or genre. Keypads can even be customised to complement your room’s decor with a selection of finishes and colours.

With products such as the Triad One, you can stream your music to one room, or with Triad Audio Switches, you can stream music to rooms all over the house.

Multi-Room Video

Designed to simplify your watching enjoyment. Enjoy each of your video sources in any room. By centralising your Sky Q, Apple TV, Blu-Ray, Movie server, CCTV or any other video source you can distribute to any screen or projector in Full 4K, with full control of the viewed device. This reduces the hardware associated with sources and cables in the rooms leaving a clean, un-cluttered installation.

With Control4’s Video Matrix, you have the ability to distribute up to 10 video sources, to 10 TVs or projectors around your house.