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Adaptable displays, performing brilliantly even in high light level environments

Modern media rooms

Taking an existing family space, our media rooms push the boundaries one step further to completely combine modern day living with the latest tech.

Implementing our custom lighting designs and bespoke furniture can amplify your existing living space beyond anything you previously imagined.

Bigger and better

With the latest available screens and technology, we can recommend the best smart displays the market has to offer and integrate them with the rest of your house through our multi-room sound and video systems.

Why choose Digital Interiors for your media room

Your living room is the heart of your house, turning it into a full fledged media room is a step towards making your home that much greater. We will work with your ideas to create a stunning media room that fits your space.

Kaleidescape elevates every component in your home cinema or media room with higher fidelity source material for the ultimate cinematic experience. These movie servers are available like any other streaming service, but provide ultra high quality visuals and sound for the range of TVs capable of enjoying them, why have any less?

Our media room installation team are fully qualified to install your new hardware and equipment, and will do so in a professional manner with as minimal disruption to your home as possible.

We will show you how to use your new setup and streaming services in the most optimal way so you can enjoy your new media room with ease once installation is finished. If you need help after we leave, we’re only a phone call away if you need any support.

Being founded in 2005, Digital interiors have always kept up with the direction of the digital world. Being able to provide the best quality media room equipment on the market through sound systems, visual displays, and multi-room control & security systems has meant we’re one of the leaders in our field.

We operate offer free consultations to discuss and personalise your needs. Contact us today for media rooms anywhere in the UK.

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