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Connecting your home with the power of sight and sound

Music is fundamental to our lives

Music is the unseen art that permeates our lives. We use it to celebrate, reflect, unwind, or create a mood. Music more than shapes an atmosphere—it shapes us.

Whether you’re a casual listener, an audio enthusiast, or an audiophile, you should love the way your music sounds. Digital Interiors will bring great-sounding music to every room of the house. From the content to the amplifiers and speakers, we will design and install the best multi room audio system for you.

Simplified audio at its best

Designed to simplify your watching enjoyment. Enjoy each of your video sources in any room. By centralising your Sky Q, Apple TV, Blu-Ray, Movie server, CCTV or any other video source you can distribute to any screen or projector in Full 4K, with full control of the viewed device. This reduces the hardware associated with sources and cables in the rooms leaving a clean, un-cluttered installation of your multi room audio system.

With Control4’s Video Matrix, you have the ability to distribute multiple video sources, to multiple TVs or projectors around your house.

Invisible Audio for your Smart Home

Increasing demand for integrated lifestyle-technology combined with the associated ‘aesthetic-clutter’ that it brings has led to a rise in hidden technology solutions. With 30% of brain power dedicated to visual stimulus and only 2% dedicated to audio, it is clear that the way we ‘see’ the sound has a huge impact on the way we perceive it. By removing the aesthetic aspect, it allows complete focus on the audio art-form as it was intended.

Amina has been able to take the common loudspeaker design and replace the cone with a flat panel. Instead of moving forwards and backwards visibly like a typical cone design, a VPT panel uses small vibrations to generate sound which can be heard but not seen. This allows for seamless integration of a loudspeaker into any wall, ceiling or flat decorative panel with zero visual impact.

Outdoor Audio Solutions

Across the UK’s 22 million domestic gardens (with a combined area roughly the size of Somerset) big changes are taking root.

We’re making more of our outdoor space. Around 40% of the £7.5 billion we spend on gardens every year is devoted to planting home comforts next to the lawn, pool or the floral borders. New features such as hard landscaping, furniture and lights are transforming garden spaces into ‘extra rooms’, and the passion for the great outdoors is not only enriching our outdoor lifestyles: every pound in the ground lifts the value of our home financially as well. For top real-estate sales especially, the features that bring the ‘extra room’ alive – the decking, furniture, hot tubs, lights – are not only desirable but mandatory! And when all the amenities are in place, the finishing luxury is high quality garden sound. We’re not talking about Public Address systems blasting into neighbouring gardens.

We’re envisioning lush musical detail underpinned by deep rich bass, controlled so that it reaches the four corners of your garden and no further.

Why choose Digital Interiors for your multi-room audio system

With products such as the Triad One, you can stream your music to one room, or with Triad Audio Switches, you can stream music to rooms all over the house. We use only the best suppliers to make your multi room audio system an exceptional experience.

Our accredited engineers are fully qualified to perform every step necessary to seamlessly install your new audio visual experience. There will be no mess, no wires, no clutter.

Everyone’s house is different, we work with your ideas and help to shape the perfect multi room audio system. Our installation team will ensure the look and feel of your new sound or video system is top of the range.

Being founded in 2005, Digital interiors have always kept up with the direction of the digital world. Being able to supply the best quality equipment on the market through sound systems, visual displays, multi-room control & security systems has meant we’re one of the leaders in our field. Our seamless installation processes will leave your home spotless and fully connected.

We operate offer free consultations to discuss and personalise your needs.

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