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Smart home automation to work for you

Imagine waking up to your favourite playlist, the shades gently rising to let the sun in, temperature adjusting to the perfect level. At work, receive a notification when the kids get home from school. With a simple voice command, dim the lights, queue a movie, and relax with the family after dinner. Tuck the kids in and tap a button to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and set the alarm before you turn in for the evening. When everything in your smart home works together, life’s better with Control4 Home Automation—plain and simple.

Your home is your castle

Receive a notification if the water heater is leaking or the garage door was left open. Forgot to lock the door? Rest assured that your house handled it for you, automatically. From the office, see who’s at your home’s front door, let the delivery person leave a package in the entryway, and lock the door as they depart—all from your phone. Turn lights off in any room, with just one tap or voice command. Control4 Home Automation empowers you with full control and management of everything happening in and around your home—whether you’re in the kitchen or on vacation across the world. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing everything and everyone at home is safe and secure.

The benefits of Control4 Home Automation systems with Digital Interiors

A smart Control4 Home Automation system delivers peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of wow. From smart locks, cameras and video door stations, intelligent lighting, and thermostats to universal remotes, stunning home cinemas and audio offerings featuring high-resolution music that can stream in every room, our smart living experiences can be personalised for any size home or budget.

Our Picture Split Mechanism allows a recessed screen to be concealed behind a pair of bespoke artwork panels which automatically open to reveal the TV.

Regardless of your daily routine, a home automation system can adapt to your lifestyle. Using the Control4 system we can link your whole house together. Our expert team will design and supply all the equipment you need to fit your space and requirements.

Our professional engineers will fully install your new home automation system and sync up your network of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces so they work seamlessly together. Any work carried out by Digital Interiors will be perfectly hidden and put in place by our expert team.

During installation we will make sure everything is set up and working correctly and show you how to get set up with your new devices. Our team are just a phone call away if you need any additional support.

Being founded in 2005, Digital interiors have always kept up with the direction of the digital world. Being able to provide the best quality home automation equipment on the market through sound systems, visual displays, and multi-room control & security systems has meant we’re one of the leaders in our field.

We operate offer free consultations to discuss and personalise your needs.

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